5 Steps to becoming an Instagram baddie in 2019

There was a time when one clicked photos for pleasure, I still do that but now the focus is on how to get more likes and followers on Instagram for your visual treats. Filters do help to an extent to enhance your pictures but will they help you become an Instagram baddie?

Who is an Instagram baddie?

A baddie is a girl who starts trends and spreads them, has loads of confidence and looks effortless in her makeup. She can pass off sportswear with the same oomph as designer jeans and tops. She is what every girl on Instagram wants to be!

Steps to be an Instagram baddie

  1. Makeup: You cannot post a picture without makeup; it must be there in every single post. You must ensure that the eyeliner is sharp, the eyebrows on point. And finally, don’t forget the pout.
  2. Be Fit: Your fitness is your card to success; if you don’t have it then at least make an attempt to appear fit.
  3. Attire: No need to be a fashionista here but playing the part is a must; if you are posting a swimming pose, ensure the goggles are in place, the sunscreen in the frame and the swimwear enviable.
  4. Captions: It’s not just the picture but the caption too must be arresting. Word it cleverly and if you fall short there just use an apt emoji at least.
  5. Appear confident: A picture can convey more than you know; hence irrespective of your flaws pose confidently and look in the eye. There is no one completely perfect, but those who accept their flaws but don’t let them bother them are really confident and attractive.

Now there is no stopping you from becoming an Instagram baddie. Give it a try and don’t forget the free Instagram likes trial to get you started on the journey.

Stress and Anxiety in the Digital Age: The Dark Side of Technology in 2019

We are dependent on technology.  Gadgets have become as important as part of the human body.  Technology has helped in staying connected, has improved speed and has facilitated various aspect of life.  It has given us various innovations to protect human health.  All the more, the negative use of technology has resulted in stress and anxiety.

Let us analyze the dark side of technology which will impact lives in the worst manner in 2019:

  1. Mobiles: People spend more time on the android mobiles checking apps, posting status, pictures etc.  It has become a rigid habit that they are glued to the phone even during hours where concentration and hard work is required.  Imagine a student playing phone game during exam preparation.  It spoils his future in a hazardous way.  Corporates find it difficult to tackle employees spending more time on their personal gadgets.  This results in delays, errors, losses and whole lots of frustration.
  2. Computer/ Television: The light rays emitted from computer and television will make the brain active.  People lose sleep which is all the most important for being stress-free.  Moreover, these increase body heat.  It can result in fertility related health issues.  Staying awake with gadgets make people lose work-life balance. This causes high levels of stress and anxiety.   In order to cope up with stress, people engage in drugs and lose their health.  Get help at ontariodrugrehabs.com
  3. Social media: Those days people trolled each other in public places.  Now technology has become the source of trolling, bullying etc.  People getting stressed for missing out things on social media is something unthinkable.  All those status updates on new purchases eventually bring comparison and inferiority complex.

All the above are the main reasons people get stressed up and end up as drug addicts and alcoholics.  It is high time we use science for positivity and growth alone.…

Paint Technology: The Secrets Of Pro Painters

Want to know the secrets of the pro painters? Here is what you should know.

A painter who is seasoned can do a good job when it comes to painting. This is because he knows the trick of the game. The pros know of the many techniques and they are also aware of many techniques that let them paint better. Compare airless paint sprayers before you purchase one.

The painting time

The painters do not cut on the time that they take to paint. They spend on an average of two to four days on an average on a roof of average size. This is the time required to prepare it, prime it and paint the walls correctly. It is a great deal of work but the work is worth admiration too.

Clearing the decks

To start it is important to move everything out of the room. The drywall dust can fly off everywhere and thus it is important to remove even the doors and the fixtures. Drop clothes are also a necessity. One should consider buying high-quality ones like paper-backed plastic.

Prepare the surface

Find and then fix the cracks and the dents. The cracks can be formed even because of a bare bulb on the wall. The sanding two-step is the next stage. It helps to feather out all the chipped paint and it also offers smoothness to paint the next coat. A sanding sponge is a must for a glossy trim. The sponge’s mold in the shape of trim and that lasts longer than paper.

Caulking the cracks

The next step is to fill the gaps with the acrylic latex and caulk cut downs and this lets the trim look good. The caulk helps to cut the tip small and too much of caulk makes a mess.


These are some paint technologies that are used by professional painters.…

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Lose Weight This Winter

Summer is the best time to lose weight!

There is so much that you do and would love to do when it is balmy outside but I cannot say the same thing about winters. Winters make me lethargic and make me shut myself up in a room with a fireplace I rather not do any physical activity other than carrying loads of warm clothes on my back!

But recently, I relied on that winter can be a good time to lose weight too. Here is how:

  1. Did you know that cold air is actually useful in losing calories?

I would have laughed at this prospect had I not done a thorough research on this. It turns out that the cold air is beneficial in helping people lose their body weight because it uses up the fats that need to keep the body warm in the winter.

  1. Shivering me suppose is really good too!

When a person shivers for ten to fifteen minutes in close to zero degrees temperature, it is actually a reaction that the body manifests in the form of muscle contraction. Also turns out that this muscle contraption is what can also be called as winter workout.

  1. Drinking cold water:

Same logic as cold air because when your body takes cold water it has to burn it down with calories to make it warm inside.

  1. Hanky pinkie!!

Well, this may sound naughty but yes higher levels of serotonin in the blood can increase the potential for faster weight loss. It’s proved; stop looking at me like that, will you!’

  1. All the more of these reasons why to eat berries!

The antioxidants and the phytonutrients in berries of all forms and shapes are what will give your body the impetus to lose quickly beside giving it a lot of immunity from cold-related diseases like the flu, etc.