5 Steps to becoming an Instagram baddie in 2019

There was a time when one clicked photos for pleasure, I still do that but now the focus is on how to get more likes and followers on Instagram for your visual treats. Filters do help to an extent to enhance your pictures but will they help you become an Instagram baddie?

Who is an Instagram baddie?

A baddie is a girl who starts trends and spreads them, has loads of confidence and looks effortless in her makeup. She can pass off sportswear with the same oomph as designer jeans and tops. She is what every girl on Instagram wants to be!

Steps to be an Instagram baddie

  1. Makeup: You cannot post a picture without makeup; it must be there in every single post. You must ensure that the eyeliner is sharp, the eyebrows on point. And finally, don’t forget the pout.
  2. Be Fit: Your fitness is your card to success; if you don’t have it then at least make an attempt to appear fit.
  3. Attire: No need to be a fashionista here but playing the part is a must; if you are posting a swimming pose, ensure the goggles are in place, the sunscreen in the frame and the swimwear enviable.
  4. Captions: It’s not just the picture but the caption too must be arresting. Word it cleverly and if you fall short there just use an apt emoji at least.
  5. Appear confident: A picture can convey more than you know; hence irrespective of your flaws pose confidently and look in the eye. There is no one completely perfect, but those who accept their flaws but don’t let them bother them are really confident and attractive.

Now there is no stopping you from becoming an Instagram baddie. Give it a try and don’t forget the free Instagram likes trial to get you started on the journey.