Top 10 Futurist Predictions in the World of Technology

Technological growth is so rapid day by day.  It surprises men with very useful innovations which no one could have ever imagined of.  Let us see the top 10 futurist predictions in the world of Technology:

  1. Mind hacking: In the future, with the help of micro sensitive radars, it will be possible to hack the thinking process of the human mind.  Till date what one thinks inside his mind remains a secret.  But in future, this can be tracked.  Machines would emit radiations which can stimulate a certain pattern of thinking.
  2. Smart payments coded digital currency: Digital currency has started finding wide acceptance.  People look for an online guide for finding the best Bitcoin exchange in Australia.   Now research is on to create smart contracts using block chain.  In future, the currency itself will be minted by coding the smart contracts.
  3. Foldable thin mobile phones: Even the slimmest phone needs some space in the pocket.  Future phones will be paper thin and foldable.
  4. Nano health devices: In future, technology will enable innovation of a single device which is Nano in size. When placed in an organ in can bloom into stent or hearing aid or artificial bone based on pre-programmed instructions.
  5. Global communication device: In future, you speak in your native language.  The global communication device will absorb your voice waves and transmit them in required foreign language translation in your own voice.
  6. 6. Space city commutation: Smart cities will come up in space.  Modes of transportation to reach them would multiply.
  7. 7. Automated medical check-up: In future, the doctor would be replaced by a scanner who will print eject the medical prescription based on your health complaints.
  8. 8. Cloud water harvest station: Water will be harvested directly from cloud reservoirs.
  9. Natural calamity prevention: Sensors will predict and transmit rays to prevent natural calamities.
  10. 10. Pollution power generator: In the future, out of the trash and polluted air, power will be generated.

How Alternative Currencies Are the Future and Why It Matters for Development

Alternative currencies such a cryptocurrencies are becoming extremely popular as time goes along, the reasons are numerous and plenty, alternative currencies are offering better solutions for people and companies to transmit large sums of money without having to alert authorities or having to pay large transaction fees to institutions such as banks and the such. Not only are alternative currencies the future but also alternative currencies are starting to catch on now, don’t see this happening for a long time? No worries, few do, the result is that alternative currencies are exploding in popularity across the world but aren’t going to seem to be that popular to the majority of people.

Alternative Currencies are making it easier to transmit money without having to pay large amounts of fees to a central authority

Alternative currencies like Bitcoin have begun to skyrocket in popularity, one of the main reasons why is because alternative currencies make it easier to transmit and store money without having to compromise on things like privacy and transaction fees to companies like banks and the such. For this reason, they are popular and are gaining popularity as time goes along.

Alternative currencies like Bitcoin are making it easier to transmit money anonymously

Anonymous money transactions are becoming extremely popular as time goes along, the main reasons are that currencies like Bitcoin make it much easier to transmit money without getting detected by an overbearing government. With the upcoming skyrocketing in value that may come with digital cryptocurrencies, it would be wise to learn how to trade on bibox to get the best fo the coming cryptocurrency revolution that is coming to rock the internet world and the world at large extremely soon.…

What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency?

The growing resonance on the fact that can the cryptocurrencies win over the physical currency and dominate its position in the future which looks so uncertain. The crypto experts, financial gurus are all in the preoccupied state of mind; as how well the world will go on to accept paperless currency in form of few codes, strings of virtual data. Looking at the technical aspects, there is more reluctance on one side to accept them in the mainstream medium of exchange as against traditional currency, well on the other side there is a lot of acceptance to the coins from the crypto side.

There is lot going on in the technology environment, the crypto world has had many difficulties, but the underlying technology has been intact in spite of too many jolts, which has made universities to include them in their curriculum for students to delve and research in what could be the future of money or the crypto money. Using the cryptocurrencies in international airports, major transportation hubs are getting to see the light of crypto coins to be used as a medium of exchange for the services. This is an encouraging trend, has mentioned the easiness of using the virtual currency, a spokesperson from IMF have mentioned about the stableness of crypto coins after a bout of unsteadiness and crashes.

What are the possible hurdles?

  • rising student loans, job cuts due to automation, lack of financial stability
  • future pensions could be a major downfall, as there is the economic slowdown has impacted the interest rates and savings
  • an alternative way to sustain the earning capacity of adults, to save for a better future seems to be unpredictable
  • mutual funds banks have all been caught up in the cybersecurity with funds being wiped out due to market fluctuations