Easy Ways to Create a Tech Pack for Your Fashion Line

A tech Pack is a blueprint of any designed cloth made by the designer in which these tech packs helps the manufacturers to produce the products with the help of these blueprints available to them.  Since the blueprint is going to be the finished product tomorrow, it should be created in such a way that it should not create any confusion in the minds of the manufacturer as the most established brands can be imitated other than the parent company, take for example Louis Vuitton for cheap.   Moreover creating a tech pack enables the designer to create many ultimate designs for the customers and also to be successful in the fashion line.

Some of the easy ways to create a tech pack for your fashion line are:

  • Introduction: Give an introduction to the company and its location, design number, for which season either for festivals or for any occasion or for any climatic conditions.  These details will help the manufacturer to know about the designer and their expected results.
  • Stitching sketches: Give a complete set of stitching steps to be carried out while manufacturing the apparel.  It is easy to develop a video with the advanced technology which enables the manufactures to view the video for better performance.
  • Materials to be used: Always specify the materials to be used while manufacturing the fashion apparel. Which type of material to be used and where it is to be used? All these information have to be mentioned in this tech pack.  For example, if it is a frock, what are the different materials to be used to get more frills in the frock are also to be mentioned.
  • Size Variations: The fashion apparel has to be manufactured in different sizes to suit the needs of the customers. The size variations may be S, M L, XL, XXL, and XXXL depends upon the customer’s body shape and fit.
  • Colors to be used: The colors to be used in the fashion apparel also to be mentioned in the tech pack. In which part of the fashion apparel has which color and how many colors to be used everything will be provided to the manufacturer.
  • Creativity or design: The design in the clothes either small lines or checked lines, or a flowers design are also to be mentioned in the tech pack.
  • Comments: Final words of the designer to the manufacturer to create ultimate fashion clothing and his suggestions while manufacturing everything is included at last.