The Ultimate Guide: How to Set-Up a Computer Workstation

Most of the workstation employs adjustable elements that promote healthy sitting postures to produce potential work. Still, you need to make sure that

  • You are able to sit with your head, neck and back comfortably aligned.
  • Further, keep your elbows, hips, knees, and ankles bent at about 90 degrees.
  • Also, consider relaxing your shoulder muscles with the arms placed so close to your body.
  • Remember to move and stretch your legs and hands frequently.

Be cautious while choosing the workstation elements.

The Chairs

  • Adjustable chairs are a must so that you can adjust everything according to your body physique.
  • Moreover, it should be upholstered with a breathable material.
  • Even though it is wheeled, the design should be stable enough to hold weight.
  • Further, the model should include good armrest postures so that you do not feel tired of continuous typing works.

The Desk

  • Arrange your sitting according to the table height. Or else, it is well and good if you can adjust the height of the table to your height.
  • Ensure if you have got an adequate leg space under the desk.
  • Additionally, keep all the controls within your comfort reach so that unnecessary body movements can be totally avoided.

The Equipment

  • The desktop screen should be placed an arms distance away and position it in such a way that the screen top is just below your eye level and easy focusing is possible.
  • Avoid any kind of reflections or glare on the screen even if the light source is behind or in front of it.
  • The keyboard, as well as mouse, should be placed on a flat surface while using.

Telephone and Document holder

  • It is wise to use a speakerphone and make sure it is placed at the left if you are a right-handed person or vice versa.
  • Whereas, keep all the documents close to your desktop screen.


  • Place a wide stool that can support your feet properly.

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