Top 10 Futurist Predictions in the World of Technology

Technological growth is so rapid day by day.  It surprises men with very useful innovations which no one could have ever imagined of.  Let us see the top 10 futurist predictions in the world of Technology:

  1. Mind hacking: In the future, with the help of micro sensitive radars, it will be possible to hack the thinking process of the human mind.  Till date what one thinks inside his mind remains a secret.  But in future, this can be tracked.  Machines would emit radiations which can stimulate a certain pattern of thinking.
  2. Smart payments coded digital currency: Digital currency has started finding wide acceptance.  People look for an online guide for finding the best Bitcoin exchange in Australia.   Now research is on to create smart contracts using block chain.  In future, the currency itself will be minted by coding the smart contracts.
  3. Foldable thin mobile phones: Even the slimmest phone needs some space in the pocket.  Future phones will be paper thin and foldable.
  4. Nano health devices: In future, technology will enable innovation of a single device which is Nano in size. When placed in an organ in can bloom into stent or hearing aid or artificial bone based on pre-programmed instructions.
  5. Global communication device: In future, you speak in your native language.  The global communication device will absorb your voice waves and transmit them in required foreign language translation in your own voice.
  6. 6. Space city commutation: Smart cities will come up in space.  Modes of transportation to reach them would multiply.
  7. 7. Automated medical check-up: In future, the doctor would be replaced by a scanner who will print eject the medical prescription based on your health complaints.
  8. 8. Cloud water harvest station: Water will be harvested directly from cloud reservoirs.
  9. Natural calamity prevention: Sensors will predict and transmit rays to prevent natural calamities.
  10. 10. Pollution power generator: In the future, out of the trash and polluted air, power will be generated.